SOLEA "Pandora" (Live at bulgarian TV)
SOLEA "Miniatur 2" (Live at bulgarian TV)

SOLEA "Solaris" (Live at bulgarian TV)

Interview on CineConcert "Metropolis" at bulgarian National TV

VOCALITY • behind the music • EPK

Excerpt from "The Battle for the South pole" - Opening

Excerpt from "The Battle for the South pole" - The Departure

CineConcert METROPOLIS - The Transformation

The Fire Orange Project – Album Teaser 2017

VOCALITY: "Enough To Be On Your Way" (Arr. M. Horn)

CineConcert NOSFERATU - Trailer

Theodora Baka & Markus Horn: VII



Markus Horn · Piano
Lars Hansen · Bass
Heinz Lichius · Drums

Musical versions of greek poems

Theodora Baka · Mezzo Soprano
Markus Horn · Piano

The Battle for the South Pole

Wanja Mues · Speaker
Stephan Braun · Cello & Electronics
Markus Horn · Piano & Composition

CineConcert Metropolis

Markus Horn · Piano